Powerful Marketing Through Customer Analysis

Happy Marketing Starts Here!

The EmmPower team consist of dynamic, approachable, friendly and caring individuals, offering authentic and POWERFUL brand enhancement for micro to medium sized businesses.

EmmPower Sales and Marketing Ltd operates exactly as an in-house Sales & Marketing Manager would! We offer outsourced, in-house marketing, promotions, creative, digital, customer relationship management and business development services which focus on enabling and empowering growth in owner-operated businesses.


These services tend to fall into the categories of strategy, telemarketing, research and insight, video and animations, blogging and content, data & CRM services, social media, PR, content, campaigns project management, chat marketing and web design.


We work hard to understand your business needs, drivers and aims in order to create a strategy that combines all of your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan.


This tailored schedule will be the result of extensive research; looking at your market size and growth, identifying your strategic priorities, assessing your competitors, and analysing your customers, past and present.

We take the load off your shoulders for developing relationships and generating fresh leads.


Our favourite past time is finding and connecting with suppliers or stockists for your wares and there is no better way than having a joined up strategy with friendly, sales-focused individuals getting on the phone and booking you sales and prospecting appointments – just like a PA! We even manage your business development diary.


With experience in everything from innovative technology, software, lifestyle, creative agencies, professional services organisations, HR and learning-orientated markets, every new proposition and company offering is interesting to us.


Are you looking to break into new markets? Do you work in a start-up with something unique to shout about? Give us a call! What do you have to lose?

Bespoke Telemarketing

Do you need more sales in your pipeline? Are you making the most of your client base and optimising their value? You need some custom Telemarketing…

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Data & CRM Services

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have ALL of your contacts, your customers, your sales AND marketing operations all in one place?

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Social Media

Do you struggle with formulating a plan for your digital and social media marketing? You are not alone!

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Video & Animation

Motion graphics and video are a crucial to any digital marketing strategy.

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Blogs & Content

So everyone is telling you you have to be writing blogs… you know you need better organic rankings on your website, and that requires dynamic changing for the search bots…but you don’t know where to start!

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Research & Insight

We help you understand the needs of your client, identify who will want your services or products, and WHY. However, you also need to know whether they will actually purchase! How? When? What’s stopping them from pressing GO!?

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Our Projects

Creative Agency Telemarketing Campaign

Since 2018, we have been working with a well-established independent creative agency based in London. We have successfully gained them

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Beauty Salon Group – Children’s Parties

Amelia Rose Bespoke Beauty, located in the quaint historic town of Sherborne, Dorset, are a successful boutique beauty salon! Providing

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Non-Profit Theatre Digital Fundraising project

A community theatre group which has been putting on promenade plays for over 30 years in Dorchester, allowing residents from

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Retail Garden Centre Video Bio

Thorngrove Garden Centre is a traditional garden centre in the heart of Gillingham, in the beautiful county of Dorset. They

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“We have been working with EmmPower for almost 2 years and their work has resulted in major client wins for us. Having a dedicated account manager working with the team means they really understand our business goals and challenges, and can act instantly to remain on brief. They are also incredibly enthusiastic and fun to work with, all in all a great partner!”

“I can give Emma and the team at EmmPower the highest recommendation. For example, on her most recent assignment for me at Hall & Associates, Emma updated all my social media presence for a rebranding expertise. My return on investment was achieved within 10 days. I will certainly use Emma’s enthusiastic help and expertise again in the future”

Awareness of the fact that we exist has been a real driver to change for Thorngrove & EMA and Emmpower Ltd have been fundamental in helping us achieve this. Previously we had been ‘Gillingham’s best kept secret’ but Emmpower’s team have been instrumental in building awareness and good will for us right across the board.  This includes local government who control the funding, local residents who had previously been unaware of us and of course our loyal customers! Emmpower’s team have been very approachable, proactive, creative and hard-working, and we are now starting to see the fruits of our labour.  Long may this continue!
Highly recommended……

“We have been so impressed with Emm-Power’s approach to connecting us with potential clients. From understanding our services, searching for local quality contacts, their approach to calling, and the detail of conversations.”

“We had great support from the Team at EmmPower with marketing for the Successful Women awards this year. It makes such a difference when you have a single point of contact to look after you. They really got what we were trying to achieve and had a fun, flexible approach to our marketing requirements. Thoroughly recommend”

I worked with Emma in the run up to the launch of a group in Ferndown which was a fantastic experience. Emma is brilliant to work with – professional and speedy. The service impeccable and seamless and could not have been easier. Emma does her background research, and acts very much on behalf of her client as a team member. Feeback/results were delivered immediately and best of all, is her enthusiasm and excitement. Emma is passionate about what she does and it shows through – I would not hesitate in recommending Emma to other business owners who would like to outsource their calls”

“Overflowing with enthusiasm and motivation, Emma has bucket loads of knowledge and experience in the direct marketing and sales sector. Sincere, hardworking and dynamic, she’s always one step ahead with her finger firmly on the pulse! Inspirational and a pleasure to work with!”

“Emma is reliable, enthusiastic and great at what she does! I enjoy working with her and would highly recommend her Sales & Marketing services. She genuinely wants to help and will go above and beyond to deliver”