EmmPower Boost Packages

Working with EmmPower is just like hiring a Sales and Marketing Manager (we manage all your sales and marketing communications!), but our added skills in planning and project management really strengthen what’s possible for your small business.

Our lead package combines a target strategy with specialist telemarketing and data services to generate leads, upsell, and nurture both new and existing audiences.

SMEs benefit from Emma’s extensive understanding of LinkedIn, from being an early adopter and now top SSI 1% global profile holder for LinkedIn, in addition to her years as an HR Manager and PA for high-growth small businesses, and managing teams of outbound executives for an international telemarketing company, building pipelines for hungry VC-funded tech companies.

SME Boost Package

From just £170 per week, you can have a tailored collection of really targeted activities to give your sales pipeline a boost! What do you get for your investment?

From £170 per week
  • Weekly sales support
  • Sales discovery
  • Marketing guidance
  • Appointment setting
  • Data and pipeline management
  • Relationship management
LinkedIn Boost Package

Our clients have experienced almost immediate results as a result of our LinkedIn “facelifts”. Business is all about relationships… LinkedIn is all about building connections and spreading your message… but do you ever find yourself looking at other people’s profiles, knowing that yours isn’t shining your light as brightly as it could?

From £170
  • Ensure your messaging is on point for your targets
  • Enable your personal profile or company page from a UX perspective
  • Establish consistency for you, your brand and your pipeline management
  • Encourage visibility and engagement – for all the right reasons
  • Make it easy for your prospective customers to do business with you

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