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We help you understand the needs of your client, identify who will want your services or products, and WHY. However, you also need to know whether they will actually purchase! How? When? What's stopping them from pressing GO!?

We bet most of you have database of customers who you could up-sell to… and we imagine most of you are super busy doing the brilliant things you set out in business to achieve, and you probably haven’t reached out to your customer base to ask them what’s happening in their world recently. Are we right?

Everyone loves feeling valued and loved. Fact! And when we feel cared for and important, we are more likely to reciprocate and engage in return. Reaching out directly, by a combination of telephone or email, and asking key questions can glean so much useful information to inform our next steps.

Your sales and marketing strategy is the foundation of a successful business plan and EmmPower’s expertise is primed to help you both prepare and execute it.

We are naturally curious people, and we politely follow a plan, achieve your objectives, (as defined jointly with us!), and know how to listen for an uncover buying signal, whilst signposting to the next level.

We will focus on achieving optimal results from your marketing budget in order to attain the maximum profit potential to support your business.

Our Projects

Creative Agency Telemarketing Campaign

Since 2018, we have been working with a well-established independent creative agency based in London. We have successfully gained them

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Beauty Salon Group – Children’s Parties

Amelia Rose Bespoke Beauty, located in the quaint historic town of Sherborne, Dorset, are a successful boutique beauty salon! Providing

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Non-Profit Theatre Digital Fundraising project

A community theatre group which has been putting on promenade plays for over 30 years in Dorchester, allowing residents from

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Retail Garden Centre Video Bio

Thorngrove Garden Centre is a traditional garden centre in the heart of Gillingham, in the beautiful county of Dorset. They

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