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Have you heard the buzz about Facebook Messenger Chatbots and wondered how you can use them to grow your business and improve your customer experience?

The use of AI within chatbots are probably one of the few truly inspiring technical breakthroughs of the last couple of years. For a while, chatbots were perceived as a fancy throwaway feature of technical thought — extremely complex, conceptually progressive and a waste of time that may or may not pay off in some relatively distant future. As time passed and technology improved, chatbots became more and more sophisticated, verbally flexible and capable of maintaining a coherent conversation.

In essence, a chatbot is a program that conducts a conversation on a particular subject request. It can be a simple call and response dummy that will roll out chunks of awesome information or it can be a more sophisticated program that will thoroughly emulate human behaviour and simulate a ‘real’ conversation with a consultant.

Why are chatbots great for business? There are fantastic benefits of adding chatbots to the business operation. Chatbots can be used as an ever-present, instantly replying customer support services.

Chatbots can also take over the mundane and repetitive consulting activities with switching over to human assistant only if necessary.

Chatbots are an incredible source of information on the customers and their behaviour. Every interaction with the chatbot is a source of information — the way sentences are written, requests are formulated and formed and analysing the questions asked is a window into the customers mindset and can be used to improve customer service and sales processes.

You’re missing out! Almost every eCommerce marketplace has chatbot assistant that can help the customer with finding the right product. Chatbots are Encyclopedias and can be used to support any digital communication workflows… Imagine, a fully responsive, instantly accessible encyclopedia to which you can talk to? Some time ago it was definitely a future. Now it is a definite possibility.

Did you know, intelligent chatbots offer an insight into the way your users are requesting information. This can be used to improve search algorithms and refine the user experience. Amazing Right?!

Chatbots are here and we embrace the streamlined way they enable us to do business. There are so many interesting developments it is hard to keep track of all of them. Either way, it is all for the good of your customers! Could artificial intelligence assist your business?

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