Non-Profit Theatre Digital Fundraising project

A community theatre group which has been putting on promenade plays for over 30 years in Dorchester, allowing residents from the local area to get involved in all aspects of a theatre production. In the lead up to the launch of their 7th and most ambitious community play to date, we assisted them with an overhaul of their social media profiles, and built a strategy to help promote the funding required to get the play off the ground, but also push the ethos of DCP, and in particular how the community plays act as immeasurable way to help people with loneliness, and their mental health, as it provides a way to make friends, and be part of something fun!

With a continuous stream of content and actions that included motivational posts, video, newsletters, and website updates, DCP grew their social media following, and are now full steam ahead in the production of their next play. DCP was a fixed-term project, and we look forward to working with them as the play draws near and those tickets go on sale.