Client records in multiple locations with varying degrees of information held against them? You need comprehensive Data and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Services…

Handling data and records efficiently is a particular skill, and we have that in bag-loads. Being able to combine large data sets from multiple sources such as social media, accounting packages, spread-sheets, old mailing lists and paperwork can be a time-consuming activity and requires a lot of focus so as not to miss patterns or identify trends and demographic subsets. Even creating a bespoke list of prospective clients to target can seem like a mountain to climb, but we love crunching data and building you the perfect, up-to-date list to approach in which ever manner suits it best.

Nurturing and rewarding your clients and having a Customer Relationship Management cycle defined and planned means no one is left out. Your clients will be inclined to return and always think of you first, creating the ongoing feed of referrals and recommendations your business needs for longevity.

We can recommend the best databases, tools and workflow for your company, culture and employees. We customise carefully to your business needs and help you define and automate processes to save you both time and money to reach your objectives!

An outbound Marketing campaign’s results are only as good as the data, workflow and list profile you are targeting, so let Emm-Power do the groundwork and make sure your efforts are directed accurately for optimal results!