Emm-Power Client Insight: Clarify Training

Some thoughts from the Echo Chamber, By Katie, Asst. Campaign Manager & Ex-HR Manager

As a previous Executive Assistant to CEOs with HR Management duties without any formal CIPD training or people management skills, it was often incredibly nerve wracking to face a Head Engineer or other senior people (above my pay grade) in a performance management meeting.  It wasn’t easy taming an unruly mob either.  Not only was it not easy; much of it was a baptism of fire & a steep learning curve – you can ask the advice of a professional lawyer all you want, you will know your legal position but it won’t prepare you in translating this into a real 3D situation:  tantrums, tears & touching heart to hearts!

Resolving workplace behaviours & encouraging open & honest dialogue is crucial in improving productivity.  It can take years to cultivate an effective, organic leadership style that commands respect.

If I had known of Claire Butcher of Clarify Training Ltd back then I would have immediately signed up to one of her 1-to-1 executive coaching courses designed specifically for new managers.  This probably would have saved me lots of tantrums, tears & touching heart to hearts not to mention Gin & Tonics but I digress…

The Adaptive Manager, is an effective tool that Claire provides equipping you with years’ worth of experience into just one day.  To run alongside this, Claire also provides onsite behavioural analysis with her unique surveying approach gleaning insight that only a neutral but experienced party can.

Claire focuses on improving a clarified & clear-minded approach: it enables you to create an enhanced secure environment whereby ideas are shared & problems are solved, allowing your employees to do what they do best & what you hired them for. Leading by inspiration & not micromanagement is a tool not to be missed.

I really wish I had known about Claire’s services back then, it would have given me enormous support & an entire new tool box in a day.  Awkward workplace situations could have been avoided & my liver perhaps less battered from all the G&Ts, ooops, digressed again!

It’s reassuring knowing that Claire is doing what she does.  It’s reassuring listening to Claire’s clear, crisp voice (she’s also a Hypnotherapist), she’s non-judgmental, engaging & makes learning fun.  This is why I am absolutely delighted to be working with Claire & providing her and her partners with New Business support & lead generation. Clarify Training is an offering I can wholeheartedly believe in & is by extension, a very easy proposition to get across. It is no wonder Claire receives the kind of testimonials and repeat business that she does and we look forward to continuing to aid her success.


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