RegTech Automation – The not-so-distant future requirement for the Finance Industry.

One of our clients, AML Partners have had a mammoth 12 months. As well as a new strategic partnership with IBM, they have made it onto the RegTech 100 List (2018) and are poised to get VERY busy!

The Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are going to make Financial RegTech a requirement for all Financial Institutions.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is stepping up efforts to automate compliance in partnership with the Bank of England (BoE), and HM Treasury is promoting fintech adoption to regional banks and building societies, revealed UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond.

In an un-precedented step towards embracing the robust Compliance Eco-system that will see our Financial Industry safely into the Brexit future, talks towards automated regulation, were a hot topic at the recent International FinTech Conference in London (May 30th & 31st).

The FinTech sector strategy report stated that the FCA, in conjunction with several top banks, are looking to use automated technology within the next six to nine months.Automating Compliance, promises to remove the cost of human error (both financial and as a manual labour component), improve accuracy, and quickly implement new rules, as and when they evolve.

Emm-Power is delighted, and more than a little proud, to announce that one of our clients, AML Partners, has developed award winning RegTech software, SURETY ECO, the only fully configurable, fully automated, ‘Complete’ Compliance software for the AML/CDD/CTF Eco-System.

AML Partners’ AML software solution wins top awards ‘click to read’

With Compliance Automation Regulation on the table for discussion this year and implementation swiftly following, AML Partners are sure to be getting busier and busier. That’s where we come in! Emm-Power is their chosen external hub for Marketing & Business Development services and we are happy to be a part of such a bright future.

  • By Kim Bresman
  • Head of Operations, Training & Business development
  • Emm-Power Ltd.

Happy 2nd Birthday Emm-Power!!!

Time flies when you’re having fun! And we have been having loads of it. Since our first birthday, we’ve moved to offices in Poundbury, we’ve grown to a team of seven and we have been working even harder to introduce new packages in our offering!!

We still offer retainer packages for business-to-business telemarketing and lead generation, but we also offer small business strategy, social media services, PR and content creation. So far, it’s been a raging success and the team couldn’t be happier as we get to work on a variety of projects and have expanded our sales and marketing support services.

Our MD Emma, began her venture in 2016 when she spotted a gap in the market for an agency who specialise in lead generation and customer analysis for small to medium sized businesses.

“We’re now a team of seven specialising in areas across campaign management, telemarketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation, PR, bids and tenders, event management, data management and business-to-business networking… who knew we did so much!The staff at Emm-Power are a wonderfully eclectic group and they are key to our success!”

The newest member to the party is Adam Wheelhouse, Campaign Manager. He has over five years’ experience with sales and marketing and we are thrilled that he has joined the Emm-Power family.

Adam joins Amber Leegwater, Head of Marketing specialising in Social Media Management who previously worked for Heritage Automotive in Dorchester. Kim Bresman, Head of Operations and Training, who was previously a prima ballerina, first class Qantas cabin crew and sales trainer for high-end consumer goods. Kathy Thornton, Business Support, who has travelled the world working for Elle Magazine, film companies and even did a stint as a wrangler in Arizona. From a Legal Services PA background and part-time model, we have Gemma Wall’s Conent services on board, and finally Jo Coffey, Telemarketer, who is also a TV producer and successful comedian!

“Having a group of key staff members in place enables us to support our small business clients even better! We are looking forward to an exciting 2018 supporting small and local businesses in generating leads and managing their promotions” Emma, MD.

We cannot wait to find out what 2018 brings!!

Our Multi Award-Winning Customer: AML Partners – by Kim Bresman

NEWS: One of our customers, AML Partners (, have been selected for inclusion on the RegTech100 List (2018). Regulatory Technology, aka RegTech, is revolutionising how we deal with financial regulation. To overcome the old ways of spread sheets and manual strain on valuable human Compliance and regulatory resources, smart start-ups as well as more established players, use innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain to help banks comply with their regulatory obligations. The RegTech 100 list contains the most influential firms in the RegTech sector.

Inclusion on this list requires selection by a panel of analysts and industry experts, and AML Partners were selected because they are one of the most innovative Companies in the RegTech space.

This prestigious accolade adds to AML Partners streak of winning awards; they recently won the Compliance Register Platinum Award for Best Solutions Partner in the Financial Crimes and Sanctions category. [1]

The value of awards

So, what is the value of winning these awards? Are some Awards more valuable that others and why?

When choosing a new supplier, prospects research the market, talk to industry analysts & to peers, assess competitors, and see what they have to offer in comparison.

When faced with the abundance of products and services, and with Google at their fingertips, prospects are easily overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available. Industry analyst’s views, and awards schemes are simple and effective ways for prospects starting their journey towards choosing a supplier.

Not all awards are the same

Some awards are selected through a panel of analysts & industry experts, some from peer voting, and others from fulfilling criteria set by governments or other institutions. There is kudos to be had from winning an award based on any of the above; Ultimately, provided the award itself has a high profile it will attract prospects, improve your website ranking, and get your name out there in positive “industry news”, which is what every business wants.

Congratulations AML Partners, from the Emm-Power team!



Making Friends With Powerhaus5

Making friends with Powerhaus5

‘Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’

C.S. Lewis

Emm-Power recently started supporting a new fellow Dorset client: Powerhaus5.  Powerhaus5 is a collaborative organisation; a Media and Creative Communications entity made of five existing businesses each with their own specialism which have come together to appeal to marketing professionals and businesses who need Creative and Message Delivery support.   They have come to us for Business Development including Lead Generation and we really love this client, they are such a talented, friendly, and professional group of people to work with its literally impossible not to like them.  It feels like we are making friends not doing business.


‘Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.’
Anais Nin

We are excited to be learning about Powerhaus5 and what we can do together. The more we get to know our clients the better we can help them.  Like a new friend, each new client opens a world of possibilities, especially for us at Emm-Power; being a small business we are not limited by corporate processes and procedures and we get to fully explore how every relationship and client is different and how can offer a completely tailored outsourcing service.  We like having real relationships with heart, we don’t hide behind corporate and formulaic project approaches and service offerings; Emm-Power works with clients as individuals and this is why we love what we do and what we love about our clients – their uniqueness. It’s simply the case that a one-size-fits-all service delivery isn’t always a great fit (for instance those lovely one-size floral pants that looked great on the hanger looked horrendous on me!).



Mutual respect is the foundation of genuine harmony.

Dalai Lama

With a team of five experienced professionals (hence the 5 in Powerhaus5) we cannot help but respect the skills of Powerhaus5.  For us, mutual respect is the cornerstone of the working relationship and a desire to see them succeed in their business key.  Not only as a measurement of the success of our business support but because we are invested in them, we like them and we want them to do well.

‘It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.’
Marlene Dietrich

We really like our sleep, we really do, but we also do what it takes to make our friends and customers happy.  We really hope Powerhaus5, don’t need us to make Leads at 4 a.m. but if they did we would drink our body weight in caffeine and get on it!

‘You can call me [Al].’

Paul Simon

My name is Emma, not Al, but you get the idea.  Friendship is not only my name but also my nature, and this ethos is reflected in the way we do business. If you want to explore flexible outsourced sales and marketing services please call me, Emma Friendship-Kilburn for an informal chat on 0759 220 8800.



Emm-Power Client Insight: Clarify Training

Some thoughts from the Echo Chamber, By Katie, Asst. Campaign Manager & Ex-HR Manager

As a previous Executive Assistant to CEOs with HR Management duties without any formal CIPD training or people management skills, it was often incredibly nerve wracking to face a Head Engineer or other senior people (above my pay grade) in a performance management meeting.  It wasn’t easy taming an unruly mob either.  Not only was it not easy; much of it was a baptism of fire & a steep learning curve – you can ask the advice of a professional lawyer all you want, you will know your legal position but it won’t prepare you in translating this into a real 3D situation:  tantrums, tears & touching heart to hearts!

Resolving workplace behaviours & encouraging open & honest dialogue is crucial in improving productivity.  It can take years to cultivate an effective, organic leadership style that commands respect.

If I had known of Claire Butcher of Clarify Training Ltd back then I would have immediately signed up to one of her 1-to-1 executive coaching courses designed specifically for new managers.  This probably would have saved me lots of tantrums, tears & touching heart to hearts not to mention Gin & Tonics but I digress…

The Adaptive Manager, is an effective tool that Claire provides equipping you with years’ worth of experience into just one day.  To run alongside this, Claire also provides onsite behavioural analysis with her unique surveying approach gleaning insight that only a neutral but experienced party can.

Claire focuses on improving a clarified & clear-minded approach: it enables you to create an enhanced secure environment whereby ideas are shared & problems are solved, allowing your employees to do what they do best & what you hired them for. Leading by inspiration & not micromanagement is a tool not to be missed.

I really wish I had known about Claire’s services back then, it would have given me enormous support & an entire new tool box in a day.  Awkward workplace situations could have been avoided & my liver perhaps less battered from all the G&Ts, ooops, digressed again!

It’s reassuring knowing that Claire is doing what she does.  It’s reassuring listening to Claire’s clear, crisp voice (she’s also a Hypnotherapist), she’s non-judgmental, engaging & makes learning fun.  This is why I am absolutely delighted to be working with Claire & providing her and her partners with New Business support & lead generation. Clarify Training is an offering I can wholeheartedly believe in & is by extension, a very easy proposition to get across. It is no wonder Claire receives the kind of testimonials and repeat business that she does and we look forward to continuing to aid her success.


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Assistant Campaign Manager at Emm-Power – Direct Sales & Marketing Communications from Dorset: Empowering Growth in Small Business.

And then there were six…. Moving forward in a flexible world.

So much has happened with Emm-Power over the last 9 months, it seemed like the transition to an office and the induction of the 6th employee (since Emm-Power’s conception in February 2016) made it a great time to share an update.

We’re in a content-driven online world and increasingly I find myself feeling hypocritical when working so many Blogging and Social contracts alongside Emm-Power’s core Telemarketing offering – we always need to do more!

Flexible Working

As a company, we strive to set ourselves apart from the norm in a multitude of areas. Working in the traditional manner (5 days a week, same office, same seat, same responsibilities for example), doesn’t correlate with modern-day lifestyles and it certainly doesn’t take advantage of the fantastic technological advances which make flexible and remote working so easy to do in the twenty-tens!

Not that kind of flexible….

Did you know that 32% of employers offer new starters flexible working options? But that means 68% don’t. And whilst for certain job roles it wouldn’t make sense, I am sure that a greater proportion could shake it up a bit.

‘You know who understands you best? How your brain functions best, how you perform best at your job? YOU do. So, if you achieve more in your PJs with the heating up full blast, or in an office, glammed up with a coffee machine, it makes sense for these facts to be taken into consideration by your employer and guess what happens next? Said employer gets more work out of you, which contributes directly to their business run more smoothly and their customers being happier. Happiness is the catalyst for more than we care to acknowledge.


Let’s not forget being able to more easily manage family commitments like caring or parenting is pretty crucial when moving towards a less stressful life. Being at home or sitting in the Kid’s soft-play could actually give the freedom of thought and reassurance that a parent needs in order to concentrate on their deadline.


Historically, once cloud software and technical equipment came into everyday use, trust has been a big issue for managers and employers. If we don’t trust our employees and empower them to fly, resentment and latent conflict can occur. That is clearly counterproductive!

As a child, did an elder let you find out for yourself? How much better did you feel and how much more eager were you to succeed, knowing it was down to you alone? We are all big kids inside. As humans, we need guidance, but we relish the leash being held loose.

I just love being in the new Emm-Power office in Poundbury at Prospect House. It’s super productive and when the team and suppliers do want or need to be here, it provides a functional foundation.

Maybe if I really miss working at home we can go all Virtual Reality…. But then could working at the beach be even better? 😊

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Director at Emm-Power – Direct Sales & Marketing Communications from Dorset: Empowering Growth in Small Business.

Calling for Business – How to get past the Gatekeepers

Hello one and all!

Whilst we all lay about in the sunshine (or work inside, watching the sun drenched outdoors wistfully), none of us can ignore how vital it is to keep those fresh, new business leads funnelling into our sales pipeline to create those future opportunities for when everything quietens down again. Truly making hay whilst the sun shines!

One of the key questions I am repeatedly asked about, concerning cold-calling or picking up the phone to warm or untouched leads and prospects is, “How do you get past the Gatekeeper?”. In my years on the phones I have had to tackle some very tricky characters and delightful telephonists alike… and I used to be a Receptionist and PA myself.

A PA to the CEO, Director or Chair often has stern instructions to not let any unannounced or unsolicited callers through… but they do often have the power to influence their Boss or Manager and can be your route to sharing your exciting, useful, or even game-changing service or product to the Decision Maker or Internal Champion you need to progress your conversation with or book an appointment to visit.

It can be tough – but here are some simple tips for helping you on your way!



Warmest wishes,

Em 🙂



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How to Make Better Business Calls


We all have to make business calls to progress our sales and new opportunity pipeline. I’ve been trained to Franklin Covey principles (check him out – he’s no longer with us, however, the principles live on) and have been using the telephone as my predominant trade tool for 15 years now!!!

I am frequently asked questions about how to approach the cold-calling process and have addressed this need for information from the business community by creating a raft of Videos with tips for you all to learn some tricks of that trade.

As many of you will know, Emm-Power work with Small Businesses, usually independent, owner-operated companies and we act as an outsourced Marketing and Sales Manager, taking on board all the promotional tasks necessary to form a business development strategy and actually implement it too. We get our hands dirty and do the work for our clients, so they can get on with making widgets or writing that book….!!!

We specialise in B2B Telemarketing. Anything that requires the picking up of a phone and having conversations – that’s us!!! Booking appointments, getting people to attend events and chasing sales leads.

So here is the first in a series of Emm’s Power Tips, created in collaboration with Infin8 Media, to aid your success on the phone!


Warmest wishes,

Em 🙂

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The First Year of Business: Em’s Top 3 Nuggets of Advice for Moving to Self-Employment

I did a lot of research before setting up Emm-Power Ltd, “The Outsourced Marketing & Sales Manager” in February 2016 but nothing fully prepares you for making the leap into owning and running a company, employing staff and keeping the full circle of the client relationship going with almost single-handedly with added pertinence!

Thankfully, I was experienced in my area of business, and I knew I could fulfil the obligations of my future clients. But it has occurred to me, from a significant amount of time spent networking with other business owners and entrepreneurs, that many people don’t really understand their chosen sector or the products or services they wish to provide. How well do you really know your own skill set? Are you aware of your own limitations and the areas in which you will easily flourish? It’s instilled from primary school – but we’ve all got talents! In my world, they’re Powers!

Identifying these Powers and deciding on your own boundaries will eliminate the need to feel pulled or pushed from prospective or current clients. Believe me – there will always be someone trying to manipulate you! Be sure of your stance and what you will, and more importantly, can, provide.

Being an advocate of research and preparation and the Franklin Covey Principle of “Beginning with the end in mind”; reading and listening, referencing and asking questions via dear old Google and the other, experienced and talented individuals I made a bee-line for or was surrounded by was a joyous and enriching task for me. I guess if that kind of thing isn’t your style you might be off to a non-starter, but surely there is a method of research to suit everyone? Ask yourself, how do you learn best? Which method of learning results in your absorbing information with optimum efficiency? Whatever the answer is – route your self-education in that direction.

The first thing that struck me about working for myself was the realisation that very single decision is your own! Who knew buying stationary could be such a conundrum! But as the months pass, soon these activities become second nature and new challenge and excitement brings its way into your routine.

No matter how much preparation you put in, there is no accounting for all eventualities. Almost a victim of my own success in the beginning, (having clients’ contracts to fulfil as soon as I set up) Emm-Power began without a website, without a clear plan for a business model, no commercial bank account and no stable abode or office to work from. They say the best ideas come from a place of adversity and my outsourced Marketing and Sales company for small and growing firms is no exception! Sometimes, despite the potential risk and the upcoming hill to climb; you must simply run with it, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It’s a well-worn proverb, originated from the US self-help author Susan Jeffers and a truer piece of advice for business is hard to find. It must be the best motivational quote of all time. In practice, weighing up the potential risks is a necessity of course, but understanding the balance of power and knowing how great the rewards are mean you can calculate the right time to jump. Yes, Nike has it right – Just do it!


The journey endured the working location issues and four treacherous house moves later (across some months!) and the Emm-Power website was finally launched alongside somehow being brought to the unbelievable position of Venus award nominee! I reached the final three in the Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) category – “Inspirational Woman in Technology”. For a consistent self-doubter, I couldn’t believe it, and almost gratefully, I didn’t win. However, the lady who did was a true inspiration for all young people, not just women. Winner, Dr. Tania Humphries-Smith’s work as Professor of Design and Engineering at Bournemouth University undertakes initiatives for young people and girls to be directed into STEM careers via their education and to ignore the societal barriers they may otherwise face. A woman after my own heart in that case and I am proud to have “lost” to her!

“Why technology?” you might ask… Well the answer to that is that my background is in assisting and working for Aerospace, Software Engineering and Cloud / Tech Startups. The thrill of problem-solving for my clients normally incudes utilising efficient technologies and that allows my skill in implementing and customising software systems and CRM Databases and creating lean processes to come into force. This, coupled with a desire to promote women in STEM careers by making this a backbone of Emm-Power’s services and internal systems obviously resonated with the Sponsors, Atlas Elektronik and I should have had more faith in myself – what an achievement.

Always willing to impart advice, here are three nuggets for those new to business or aiming to setup soon!


  • Self-Education

However you choose to learn, no amount of educating oneself can ever be enough! Seek those you admire and check out the worlds of those who are succeeding in your eyes – there is so much wisdom to be sought that can only be of assistance to you on your journey. Watch this space for an upcoming blog on who to seek and how they can benefit you in realising your aims!

  • Understand your Powers!

Don’t worry about what you can’t do or what you might struggle with – you don’t need to focus on that; you have powers! You have super-skills and capabilities no one else has quite like your own. Identify your powers, trust them and put them to good use!

  • Keep the Faith

The motivational author and women’s coach Gill Donnell MBE of Successful Women has promoted awareness of the well-known “Impostor Syndrome” and this is from a similar headspace. We all experience self-doubt, I read of and am told that the greatest of business leaders do – and trust me, I’ve asked quite a few personally! But remembering to trust your gut and keep the faith, reminding yourself of the rational always helps. Stay disciplined and remember the positives!


Without wishing to waffle any more, I do hope you found this of comfort or stimulus!

Although I tend to think that we make our own luck, sometimes serendipitous acts or events touch our lives. I would say that this first 11 months of running Emm-Power has been the most valuable year I could have hoped for, in a multitude of ways.

With warmest wishes for the New Year and beyond!

Em 🙂






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