Empowering Growth in Small Business!
Think of us as your flexible, outsourced Marketing & Sales Manager!

We knock on doors (metaphorically speaking!) whilst you get on with what you do best.

We use a mixture of both reliable, trusted, traditional methods, like actually speaking to people! And the best of what’s new and modern in techniques and technology – to bring you awesome business leads and up-sell to your existing client base.

We work with you to understand your company, culture and aims to then create an enticing elevator pitch and crystal-clear message for what you offer.  Then, we take it straight to the people and companies who want to hear more, and even more importantly; purchase from you.

Our tenacity, unique workflow and relationship-building skills get you in front of those customers you’ve always wanted to speak with.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you why – from the horse’s mouth.  You can use that information to your advantage when choosing the route you take next.

We work cleverly and painstakingly to research bespoke lists containing company names, contact numbers, their locations, job titles and names, to form expert target data which aligns with your specified essentials.

We get you the exposure you need via the right style of media outlet for your company. We make sure they receive your message and we deftly promote your business, event or quite simply, whatever else it is you have to showcase.

We advise Small Businesses and Start-ups on vital Sales and Marketing Strategies and then help you realise those goals.

Based in Dorset, at the heart of the Jurassic Coast, Emm-Power focuses on utilising technology and deep analysis to optimise both our marketing and sales strategies and implementations.  Our use of investigation with our clients and analytical processes are key to our success.  This investigatory work is in part due to our curious nature and the importance we place upon attempting to ask the right questions – and not letting something important pass unchallenged!

Using bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, tailored tagging for reports and filtering throughout a campaign helps build a picture of the marketplace being tested, even if that is your own customer base. This leads to Emm-Power giving a better direction to their clients. Win-Win!

About Emma

Emma Friendship-Kilburn, founder of Emm-Power Ltd, formed the company when noticing a gap in the local market for Dial-up / Dial-down Marketing Services such as specialist Telemarketing, Data Analysis services, Customer Relationship Management programmes and general, effective Business Development for Owner-operated small and medium-sized enterprises along with start-ups and growing businesses from the local geography.

Through her work with almost every vertical in the international marketplace over the last 12 years, including Cloud, Telecoms, Aerospace, Engineering and Software companies, Emma has attempted or completed business in every continent.  With this experience, she can confidently assist her clients to break into new markets internationally and give them the right tools to discover and win new business.

Emma’s main focus is to help her clients, team and peers succeed. She is a proactive and dedicated problem-solver, whilst being an ambassador for learning and development and advocate for software and technology which is fit for purpose, and works.  Her passion for improvement and employee engagement through process-driven change with a long-term vision, make her determined and driven to achieve excellent results.

Emma loves Emm-Power to work with forward-thinking, friendly and modern companies where their detail-orientated organisational skills and focused workflow can make the most impact.

Emm-Power works with: