And then there were six…. Moving forward in a flexible world.

So much has happened with Emm-Power over the last 9 months, it seemed like the transition to an office and the induction of the 6th employee (since Emm-Power’s conception in February 2016) made it a great time to share an update.

We’re in a content-driven online world and increasingly I find myself feeling hypocritical when working so many Blogging and Social contracts alongside Emm-Power’s core Telemarketing offering – we always need to do more!

Flexible Working

As a company, we strive to set ourselves apart from the norm in a multitude of areas. Working in the traditional manner (5 days a week, same office, same seat, same responsibilities for example), doesn’t correlate with modern-day lifestyles and it certainly doesn’t take advantage of the fantastic technological advances which make flexible and remote working so easy to do in the twenty-tens!

Not that kind of flexible….

Did you know that 32% of employers offer new starters flexible working options? But that means 68% don’t. And whilst for certain job roles it wouldn’t make sense, I am sure that a greater proportion could shake it up a bit.

‘You know who understands you best? How your brain functions best, how you perform best at your job? YOU do. So, if you achieve more in your PJs with the heating up full blast, or in an office, glammed up with a coffee machine, it makes sense for these facts to be taken into consideration by your employer and guess what happens next? Said employer gets more work out of you, which contributes directly to their business run more smoothly and their customers being happier. Happiness is the catalyst for more than we care to acknowledge.


Let’s not forget being able to more easily manage family commitments like caring or parenting is pretty crucial when moving towards a less stressful life. Being at home or sitting in the Kid’s soft-play could actually give the freedom of thought and reassurance that a parent needs in order to concentrate on their deadline.


Historically, once cloud software and technical equipment came into everyday use, trust has been a big issue for managers and employers. If we don’t trust our employees and empower them to fly, resentment and latent conflict can occur. That is clearly counterproductive!

As a child, did an elder let you find out for yourself? How much better did you feel and how much more eager were you to succeed, knowing it was down to you alone? We are all big kids inside. As humans, we need guidance, but we relish the leash being held loose.

I just love being in the new Emm-Power office in Poundbury at Prospect House. It’s super productive and when the team and suppliers do want or need to be here, it provides a functional foundation.

Maybe if I really miss working at home we can go all Virtual Reality…. But then could working at the beach be even better? 😊

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